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Letting it go…an ode.

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Justin TietsworthWe’re so obsessed with knowing. Knowing who we are. Knowing where we’re going. Knowing how the future will play out, or who we will fall in love with. Knowing what we’re meant to do or where we’re supposed to end up. Knowing the person we should be, the person we are, the person we…

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അവന്‍ പോയ വഴിയിലൂടെ ഒന്ന് നടക്കണം…അത്രെയെങ്കിലും നീ ചെയ്യണം, ഒരു പക്ഷെ അവന്റെ മൗനം നിനക്ക് മനസ്സിലാക്കാന്‍ കഴിയും…അവന്റെ കാലുകളെ വലിച്ചു വീഴ്ത്തിയ ഒരു വള്ളിപ്പടര്‍പ്പ് നീ കാണും…അവന്റെ നെഞ്ചില്‍ ആരോ തറച്ചു കയറ്റിയ ഒരു മരക്കുറ്റി നീ കാണും… അവന്റെ ചിരിയില്‍ മറച്ചു വച്ച കണ്ണീരും നീ അറിയും, ചിതലരിച്ച അവന്റെ കിനാവുകള്‍ ഇന്നും ആ വഴിയില്‍ മൊക്ഷം കിട്ടാതെ അലയുന്നുണ്ട്…ആ വഴിയിലൂടെ നീ ഒന്നു നടക്കണം…

As I burn apart

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as I burn

Take it, take it all, but,give me back the person I used to be, give me back my dreams, give me back my inner peace. At the least,those wings you chopped off from mine. Or else, You better should have stabbed me to death. My brain is burning, My soul sintered, but i promise myself, never again, not for you, not for any one else, you indeed have burned me. Your sin, was but the strangling of mine, as you laugh,your sins are burning my skin, plucking out my ribs, shaking my palms relentlessly, your lies are grinding my bones.You have entrapped me in to my own fortress of introversion. Don’t laugh at me, Let me die in peace, And be reborn.

The nerves of steel

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On behalf of the Soviet Government and our Bolshevik Party I am greeting you and congratulating you on the twenty-fourth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Comrades, it is in strenuous circumstances that we are to-day celebrating the twenty-fourth anniversary of the October Revolution. The perfidious attack of the German brigands and the war which has been forced upon us have created a threat to our country. We have temporarily lost a number of regions, the enemy has appeared at the gates of Leningrad and Moscow. The enemy reckoned that after the very first blow our army would be dispersed, and our country would be forced to her knees. But the enemy gravely miscalculated. In spite of temporary reverses, our Army and Navy are heroically repulsing the enemy’s attacks along the entire front and inflicting heavy losses upon him, while our country—our entire country—has organized itself into one fighting camp in order, together with our Army and our Navy, to encompass the rout of the German invaders.

(Speech at the the Red Square, Moscow,November 7, 1941)

No,I am not fan of a dictator,especially when fighting my own way against another,but the determination of Josef Stalin and the people of soviet union to fight against the fascism could not be forgotten easily.Stalin organized the parade at the red square at the most oddest of times,from the air Luftwaffe,the German air force,raided the roads and railways,bombed the cities infrastructure,the German army along with its mechanized cores and tank battalions had reached around 15 miles from Kremlin.The Kremlin itself was hit by bombs, The parade was held in memory of the October revolution every year on the anniversary Nov 7, was organized as usual, which was never to happen until the war was won by soviet union.

Many would expect a national leader to move away from the war zone to much safer places,unlike Hitler and his Germany, soviet Russia had hundreds of kilometers behind Moscow,Now a days presidents and prime ministers would hide in bunkers of unknown locations and has emergency evacuation plans which are reviewed every year for improvements.But, Stalin remained in Moscow,the Red army units marched in the parade would go straight to the front lines and embarked some of the bloodiest fighting of ww2.It was an act of supreme statehood,the world heard the speech of Stalin broadcasted by soviet radio,the decision of soviets was to fight to the bitter end,from there they pushed the enemy back to his own capital and to unconditional defeat. The battle cry went from not a step back to forward.

Stalin ended his historic speech with words,

For the complete destruction of the German invaders!

Death to the German invaders!

Long live our glorious Motherland, her liberty and her independence!

Under the banner of Lenin, forward to victory!

And victory they did,despite gigantic death tolls,food shortage, lack of training and military equipment.For those who fight against fascism,there are many things to learn from the soviet people.