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In the deepness of my mind,

There is thunder,firestorm and silence.

As I walk towards the unknown,

I am the  Knight and I am the Serpent,

Through this compelling duality through which I walk,

And the wizard will frantically dance to the end of this night,

As the reflections and reverberations of my past,

Are Emerged and incinerated in this wave of insight,

A fire of grit born in my struggle,

As I walk  tranquilly,

There is olive,roses and grape wine.

In both sides of my path,

Where there is butterflies,bees and sparrows.

I am blessed,

This night I am reborn.

(The fourth anniversary of Ink,thoughts,coffee…my deepest gratitude to all my readers.)

: )



2 thoughts on “Nirvana

    sherinsk said:
    April 15, 2014 at 10:22 AM

    Oh Man really nice.This is how a poem should look like!!!!!!!!!!


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