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‘Lets go to the river,darling’ she whispered in to his ears,her blue eyes sparkled the full moon ,like diamonds.She grabbed his hands tightly,like a child.Her white frock dazzled in night.Like a man who is possessed,he obeyed her.The river glittered like silver,the breeze slowly passed through her black hair making it more ravishing.He looked in to her eyes,he felt he cant take his eyes off that beautiful eyes.Her red lips still whispered something, like a pleading.He could feel a sudden urgency to walk with her

‘lets go,honey.’she smelled like wild tulsi.

‘We are all most there’ she said.The silver snake pendent in her neck send random flashes of tiny violet beams.

He could feel the wet sand in his bare feet,he started to feel a sudden rush of senses.

*   *   *

He saw blood oozing out his left arm,the wound should be deep,he thought.

His felt numb as the bite wound in his neck ached.

He screamed in pain,stabbed the dagger he still had in his hands to the heart of the monster killed many young men in the valley.

He dont know how much time he was unconscious,Last thing he remembered was slashing his dagger through the throat of the witch.

He saw the snake pendent no more flashing the violet beams.

The evil inside is dead inside her,he thought,he noticed the body of the florist in the moon light.

So it was her,poor girl ,he felt sorry.

He noticed her fingers moving,in the pain.

The evil is dead,killed by the dagger of oak,on the night of full moon,not in water,not in land.

She could be saved,she is just another victim,may be the victim who suffered the most, he suddenly remembered the day he arrived in the town,one of the most remote places in the world,with people who wont travel much outside,a place full of ancient buildings and secrets waiting to be unlocked.He was traveler who keeps on moving on his diesel bike,No one know where he is from,where he is going,he crossed oceans and continents,he spoke many languages and wore a black leather hat with eagle feathers.He called himself Ian.

He noticed the blue colour in her arms,she is dying,i must save her,he thought.

He took the dragon blood,he kept in his leather vessel,poured it in to her wounds, he could see the blood reaching out the ravaged flesh and mending it.

She will be ok,he thought.

Then he poured the dragon blood over his wounds,he felt sudden tiny fumes in his neck,he felt dizzy.He saw darkness slowly creeping in to his eyes.

*  *  *

‘IAN,wake up buddy,its 6’o clock’

He opened his eyes,he saw the familiar room,the surveillance videos running and the status indicators of the grounded vehicles.

Which day is this? he mumbled.

‘Just another day in the forward detachment,the fighting 35th battalion,how is your left hand? you should go to the medic station by 0900 HRS’, the soldier in combat uniform said.

That was enough for him,for the time being, that’s all the answer he needed.

He opened his over coat and took a chocolate from the pocket.

While eating the chocolate,he saw an indicator turned yellow from blue.

Time for work,he thought.


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