Water apples.

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This bell shaped fruits are well known here as ‘chambakka’,in english it is known as malay apple,bell fruit and rose water apples.Any way its another nostalgia for we malayalies,I remember chambakka being supplied among class by Ajmal(aju ), then some day in sixth grade I ate them a lot with salt and chilli,the usual gang of frieds,rayan,shabeer,shabir,sali and jaseel at plus two ground of our school( later ruining my stomach 😛 ),then in my tenth grade pathummayude adu,In which the author uses water apple as a symbolism,guys I suggest you all this book,but I must say this,read it in malayalam ,if you cant do it in malayalam, you wont get to know what makes basheer different(three cheers to, Avante oru lodukkoos akhya… Ithu njaan varthamaanam parayunnathupole ezhuthivachirikkayaanu. Avante chattukaalan akhyaadam. Palunkoosan vyakaranam…).     
They look like red bulbs isn’t it ? Now try RED BULB,BLUE BULB :). This year,the water apple tree in my garden blossomed a lot,it was a bit noisy in the morning as lot of birds comes to eat them,when I returns to home after the short jog in the morning, a lot of them will fly away making quite a scene,sparrows,Mynas,a lot of the ones we call kariyila kili(god,they are like noisy girls),crows and greater coucals,they all will fly away instantly when they see me behind the trees beside our drive way,I had installed a pot full of water beside the tree,we does it in every summer.
This fruits make a good snack,they are very watery,sweet,mild and tangy.Mom tried to brew a wine from them but that episode turned out to be a disaster(beware of rose water apple wine!!!). A friend says its good for diabetic patients,as it prevents the conversion of starch in to sugar.I hear the wood from the tree is used for handy craft work in Indonesia.I have tried juice from the fruits,which was quite impressive in taste.They need water to blossom fruits,a lot.
I hope you all liked my photo.


4 thoughts on “Water apples.

    evilnymphstuff said:
    February 13, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    Oh we have that here too! I love to eat this 🙂


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