Eleventh hour

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‘Eh…Excuse me’

Thinking ‘now what ‘he raised his head from the laptop which already had eight windows.

‘Yes please’

‘So I have learned to make emoticons with face’ he thought when he just made a popular one.

‘Well, this file needs to be closed by next two weeks.’

He made no more emoticons this time but peered to the two eyes which skillfully achieved the business type look, then looked at the blue file which already had started laughing at him.

‘This belong to dimple, it’s not mine.’

‘I understand that, but since she is in leave. We need to deal this.’

‘Leave? I saw her even yesterday.’

‘Well yes, she was…but she is from Manipur.’

‘Vimmy,I don’t care where she is from.’

He opened the file briskly, and said ‘embedded security, well why can’t you ask our pranav.’

‘I am afraid, he has enough already.’

‘He always had enough; well I will see what my part is after this two.’

‘You should.’

‘How many you got?’

‘Two and a half.’

‘Well I am also a bit preoccupied as you see. So we will make fresh look after this, afternoon I guess.’


He sighed and looked a back to the dimly lit LCD; he could hear the bells ringing again from the cathedral and saw the cuckoo coming out of the clock.


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