The Slaughterhouse

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He stood emotionless in front of the lecture hall; he knew the game is not over for him, a sickening silence started to fell over the hall. The environment reminded me Colosseum, he seemed prepared to face the fate awaiting him, and seconds drooled down like water drops from a pipe…

The thorny arrows of questions came and he hit them away. They came like a shower from different corners of hall and he answered them. And then there came the questions which seemed totally awkward, leaving the cow they had started attacking the tree… We sighed, somebody said its record,11 questions and 9 answered….
It felt stupid that someone even said only 2 ports out of 23 is being used, I wonder how many devices can be addressed by a single USB port and how much do we use. Now it has become some kind of entertainment for some people to ask questions. But there was good people too, who were not ready to screw anyone for taking a seminar.  

His fight was over, we clapped the best we can, and he walked down the slaughter-bench, his eyes refusing to face the crowd. We know this is not what he expected to happen, we know that he knows things better than anyone of us. I wrote on my blank page, ‘Life’s  magic, things are in reach’.


2 thoughts on “The Slaughterhouse

    Elfrieda Cucco said:
    December 24, 2011 at 8:43 PM

    Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for!


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