28th September,just another wasted Tuesday…

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The KSRTC Stopped with a creak voice, I got out of the bus. Crossing the convoy of trucks passing through road, I have already noticed the crowd at bus stop

I know, another strike…This hooligans won’t change any better, I thought.

Shaggy was standing in front of the tea shop; seeing me he waved his hands…I asked what the status was.

Don’t go there…There is police and Lathe charge…

Shaggy, I am here wasting 25 bucks, I have seen them enough, I won’t give up that sooner. I said .

I saw a friend standing in the crowd, her expression showed like:

‘You won’t go back that fast, I know you… you have company out there, don’t mess up…stupid.

It’s better to avoid her now, I thought.

Calling a friend through my Phone, I started the usual walk to the Campus…

Where are you?

Don’t worry, I am safe.

Ok, where is nami?

He is home, wait…damn it…RUN ………

I could see a bunch of students being chased by the Police…I could only hope he is still safe…

He knows how to save himself I thought. I had to call more peoples…

Where are you?

I am having a juice, I am ok.

Bye. I said

Closing the slide was sometimes more than just hitting the END key; it gave some Confirmation and some kind of relief…

Any way I need to go Library I thought…I crossed the gate, the watchmen knows me enough so wont bug me that much .A bunch of policeman where coming back after their hunt. Anyone can be hero if he knows that other one won’t hit back.

Where are you up to?

Library, sir.

There is no Library son, it’s closed.

Ok…I need to see a staff…

A man was coming with a jar of water to the new Guardian angels of college.

Go home damn it…silly. he said

That’s not your business, those who brings water only deal water, don’t do the job of khaki man.I always hated the ‘Chumchies’

I walked back to the gates.

You pig…he yelled at me.

I crushed my fist and got back to him…

BACK OFF…yelled  the  Officer.

You goes now…Officer said.

I walked away in Anger

This people will go tomorrow, we will be here, we will see…so don’t fuck up. I said.

I walked away; he was again yelling gibberish at me…

Shut up you idiot….Shouted the officer. Kuttippuram police Knows boys well, I thought.

A man wearing white khadher and white mundu was coming opposite to me, I know him till the Strike happened two years back…while I entered the office room as a student representative from ECE, He said to us…you won’t have to bother about the Security of girl students at your Department…We Know how to manage this place…I wanted to talk something back but Faizka hit my hands …I am sure he knows me too, Another friend of Director…

What’s the problem? He asked in sarcastic way.

You still manage this place very well…

I walked away, I needed to see sir, so I called him.

Sir, is it possible to enter college today?

That way was not polite…I was still in angry mood.

Nithin, you better go home…

Sir, are you inside college now?

No, I am coming to college now…

Ok sir…we will see, I am standing beside the same way.

Ok Nithin.

I waited for him…

One policeman was running towards me with lathe…

You will pay if you touch me, I shouted

He suddenly stood there…

Why are you standing here…?

To see a Professor. I replied.

I used to respect policemen, but just like all the other ones there is Idiots inside them too. I could smell the Liquor he have taken and see his Red eyes.

I could see sir in the road, so I walked towards him…

You better go home…Or stay in some of the friend’s house…

I could read what he meant…the words from a person who is seeing college for a long time

Ok sir, I have mailed something, nothing more. I said.

Ok Nithin, He said

Walking towards ‘Insight’ I thought… once I supported a strike like this…I would have interrupted lot of people’s life those days…Now I regret about that and feel sorry to those people I hurt…

Adrenaline of Boyhood will be used forever in MES CE and the Authority will sit like ducks forever here.

Once I told my HOD, The best thing he  can do is to keep the new Batches completely isolated from the seniors so that they won’t get contaminated by this culture of hooliganism.

My IEEE senior Ajay Raj Menon was right…I have learned what really a strike is…


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