The shades of pink…

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Why are you still online ?The uncommen question appeared in my chat box.

mailing…how do you know i am here ? I also had questions to ask.

Just got a group Msg in Fb… the tiny box went yellow.

And why are you here at 0300 Hrs ? I asked.

I never slept this night…she replied

OK..I said.

What makes you stay this late ? a familiar question came.

Nocturnal 🙂 hit enter key again.

Can you please go invisible ? I really never liked to be in the green except when it is needed.

Ok…the chat box buzzed back.

Where are you now ? I asked.

Bangalore,at the same company…she said

And how is college now ? she asked.

Same stories,new people… I replied.

And the Highlight ? I was getting a bit allergic to the questions.

Link fest…I hit the enter key again.

Oh I see,so same stories at kerala too…she replied.

And the same people,I added.

You still member ? I asked

At hyderabadh Gold,enough with Kerala Business. She seemed quick to comment.

What about your project ? she asked.

ah…Recon vehicle,pretty cool one. I replied.

Still with that… she seemed uninterested.

Ya,I replied.

How is life,i asked.

well its ok,May get married next month.

Advance Congrats 😛  ,i hit.

Will kill you if you dont come…she replied.

Any way you gonne kill that guy…i replied

Will see…I hope she was not serious.

What about our ma’am ? she always asked me that.

ya…she is doing her PG . i replied.

How is your head aches now ? I wondered she still remember.

easy now…and can sleep at classes 🙂 i said .


you still writes ?

ya offcourse.

just asked for confirmation 😛

haha  funny 😛 i replied.

check for colourfade at wordpress…madam 🙂

ok i will.

Ok…times up i am going..,

Bye,I hit.





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