June 5@VIII B

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The morning bell rang,I always wonder why our mansoorka always makes the number 12! may be his lucky number it is.The mornings in ICA always had lot of energy and the assemblies were not really military parades,Sali and me was sitting in our usual third bench,may be we were in the little thrill of becoming high schoolers.what is  now? he asked ,its biology i replied.sali doesn’t  seemed much interested,sandhya miss came very soon into class.

GOOD MORNING…SEE YOU ALL AFTER ASSEMBLY AT SCHOOL GROUND,she was always quick in her speeches.we walked away from the class in lines.

After the assembly we all reassembled in the school ground,sandhya miss was walking towards us from the gardeners room.whats that…so we are planting something ha? sali sounded like interested.I think you are right,i replied the scout uniform was making me a bit uncomfortable inside the white sheeps,i think i always was a black sheep.miss came in front of us,what a mess ? where is the line? all of you make a big circle at there she pointed towards the goal post near the boys hostel.What is mess? shabeer was genuinely in inside his nut shell of doubts…we assembled near the goal post.


World Environment day miss,I replied quickly…

Yes,he is correct.And… we 8th B are going to plant a tree,she said.

I could hear rayan and shabir murmuring ‘Bhaji,bhaji’,I looked back and made my usual expression of biting on my tongue…and i could see both of them pressing their noses with hands…

So who will help me? teacher asked us.

Sali pushed me from behind …


I saw sali giggling at me,i felt a bit stage fright…YA, ITS OK I SAID IN MY MIND…

The badham tree still stands there keeping the memory of we B batch,like Jaya miss said,B FOR BEST,NOT BAD…KETODA POTHANMARE,ERUMAKALE…!(pothan means buffalo in Malayalam,eruma means a she buffalo)we always kept that promise,our little bunch of friends….and memories.

seeing my little sister going school,with her schoolbag  and the excitement to be in the class,i used to remember that days,they wont come back,they will stay in our minds,albums and autographs forever…makes me excited to go for reunion on JULY 9 2011.I hope i could stay in that old gang for some time…

And i hope that the  Badham tree is still there…


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