Ruby tuesday…

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I walked through the path of well laid stones silently, the tiny violet flowers in the pavement was still there, smiling silently over each pedestrian. My mind was under rage. I passed the id check and crossed the auditorium and canteen. As always neglected the dorky looks from the dark eyes, I know they will never change. Both of us don’t have time and interest, Nobody really has interest.CSE block stood there, hosting the usual events of college fun at its yard. Somebody was yelling like a fox, I sighed… I walked against the usual convoy for the 0915 Hrs. looking down when walking always worked good for me to deal situations.

My block, like always stood against me like a large vacuum, it is really filled with emptiness. Different from others, it tooks only few dozen seconds for me to reach my class from entrance. There is really nothing interesting here. Musfir was standing there at the half open door. It always allowed only half duplex transmissions and I always hated half open door. He greeted me with his usual expression, I tried to neglect it.i always neglected such expressions people give .The class is a zoo; it contains at least 45 animals most days,i was the rarest and exclusive animal there(thanks to Ijas),because people doesn’t really notice my presence,arrival and set outs, as usual the noisy animals was there. Seeing some animal Sometimes I wonder whether human beings are derived from spiders, the male spiders sends the signals and the female can detect them. The difference here is the spiders can detect more easily than the real ones, and they can act like fools. But the poor creatures keeps them sending constantly, sometimes the female spiders also sends signals but with some preplanned motives and band limits. Eye Pupil curvature variation, universally accepted ‘corrupted code of conduct’ and some common sense will work. I was always a nerd in biology. A Spider stopped the transmission and went away seeing me, I loved to sit with Arun but it was not configurable module code for R&P classes, I liked the way of talk and simplicity in him. Any way the Tintooz got separated when ma’am went away in anger one day. I was trying to understand the concepts of near and far fields. May be the unusual activities of me to show interest to class in my expressions and the smile in my face made her to misunderstand. Nobody really gets me.

Third bench,Sitting at the right end, I was thinking about my project hours, H-bridge,IC 555 and DC motors never left me after MESTECH’10 .Suddenly I got a nice punch at my right shoulder.I looked through the edge of my eyes in pain, It was Musfir, ‘WTF he hee…!’ he said. I could feel the pain wave reaching my spine and the rush of adrenaline in my blood. My Palms were ready to shrink, my fingers were aligning like typewriter heads and I repaid the debt within in no time .Ouch..! He yelled. I was looking at the floor, to take control over my body and the sudden mobilization of the senses and aggressiveness. Knowing my level of anger and unpredictability he walked away quickly. He reached Near Carrol and started bugging her as usual. I sat on the bench and murmured ‘what the ****………….??? ‘

I could see Yaz running just in front of  our DC lecturer Najla ma’am to get in to class, the lady was walking to class very confidently with a smile.The animals were running around me in to pack and order…


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