Here’s What Your Favorite Coffee Drink Says About Your Personality

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Its coffee,thoughts to be shared :)

Originally posted on TIME:

Sure, almost everybody likes coffee, but apparently how you like your coffee can reveal quite a bit about your personality. Coffee-crazed blogger Ryoko of I Love Coffee took the results from a recent study about the habits of coffee drinkers and put them into this infographic. It highlights the differences between those who opt for a simple black cup of joe versus those who spring for something a bit fancier.

These results might not be true for everyone, we know, so we recommend taking this with a grain of salt (or, uh, sugar.)


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So are you gonna tell them truth? She asked him.

Truth ? what truth ?

That you didn’t do it, are you gonna tell them? she asked him again.

I don’t know what you are talking about…I don’t understand.He looked away from her.

Stop fooling me,you idiot. She shouted.

I gotta go…see you.

Stop….She grabbed his hand,you cant just run away from me. she said

He sighed,People are watching,will you stop this ?

I need answers,why cant you just tell it ? To Sir or to her ?

Makes what difference now?Will it make things better ? Will it repair the damages ?

I don’t know,but why you allow to be blamed?

Lets stop digging the past,it makes no difference…And I am not expecting anything better from those fools.

You should end this.

Just a farewell party,for name sake,those who care,will eventually learn the truth. See you tomorrow, let things be left unanswered…for better.

He walked away silently.








Golden Petals

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The golden Shower is state flower of Kerala. The flowers are of ritual importance in the vishu festival here,we all it ‘kani konna’, I came to know that this flower is also the National symbol of Thailand. Though we Malayalis consider this flower as one of the genuine symbols of our Culture,the tree is seen all over south Asia.This is a medium sized tall tree,its leaves are deciduous.One of the peculiarity of this tree is that,it wont blossom if you water it.Now it is summer season in south India,this plant blossoms in summer.The leaves of Kanikonna is used as a medicine against the poison of Spider. These leaves relieve the patient of the irritating itching sensation caused from the bite of the spider.The fruit pulp of this tree is a strong purgative.The seeds are poisonous.

I wish to share a sad fact, the climatic variations affects the blossoming of this tree, I have seen it flowering in January- February months a couple of times, just another example that our selfish activities against mother nature destroys the biological cycles of many species of flora and fauna.


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(Kumarakom, south India)

Their eyes met each other through the steam,their Coffee cups emitted.

So will you stay,Bro ?

No man,I keep moving.

Why man…are they after you?

No,not that…its like a pursuit.

Where are you going,what are you after this time ?

Where there is peace,where there is silence.

You know what? people say you are mad…I say you are nuts.Can i ask you something?

Well,that is my style you copycat,fire away.

Is it her ?

She is not worth it.

Then why is it ?

let it be left unanswered.

You know man,I owe you big time. But you should stop this right away.

I am not broken or lost,nor does I live life of a straggler,I am trying to find myself through all this.

all this ?

That’s enough,if I say more you will come with me,I wish to be alone this time .

They saw the boat slowly reaching the dock,they know its time for another ‘see you’.


7 things you should think before you vote

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To start with, I wish to remind you of some words from Abraham Lincoln,who have proved himself to the world, to be a Great leader,politician and a military tactician.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people


#1 Failure of decentralization.

Grama swaraj,  visioned by Gandhiji, is a failure this days  in some terms,this is due to 3 factors.

  1. Out dated systems of administration from the time of British rule which are often not transparent.
  2. Loop holes of constitution making external interference of local self governance possible from many levels.
  3. Influence of Dividing factors happens severely at this level,but no action is taken to protect the interests of democracy.

#2 Diminishing Secular views of governance.

The following is the preamble of one of the greatest written constitutions in the world.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


The word Secular is given priority of Third place in the definition of the Republic,yet after 80′s there is lot of turbulence (if the word may fit correct ). There is even National Level Parties with a manifesto partially meaning ‘non-secular’ that is, effected by religious views.I would like to point out some situations.

The Anti Sikh Riots in 1984 which Congress party directly supported, Bhagalpur riots in 1989 which was happened by stupidity of police and manipulation by local parties,the Gujarat Riots in  2002 which was partially supported by the chief minister of state himself. All this Moves has one thing in common,a political institution which should remain secular being  fraternized to a religious views and acting on behalf of the needs of certain individuals who seeks advantages out of situations of such social calamity. Any such Political Party Whether it stands for Muslims or Hindus is not a secular kind thus cant be recognized to be eligible for a governance of a state which is Secular in nature of governance.

#3 The Role of Bureaucracy as a lagging factor of Development

First i would like to bow my head to many honest and brave officials in our country who fights against politics and corporations. Red-tapism is a unique characteristic of administrative organizations in India.There is hundreds killed in road accidents caused by lagging in maintenance,millions lost because of poor transportation,thousands of people suffering because there is no time bound care from health services,we can say it happens all around the world but it only happens here in this much magnitude.

#4 The Rise of Political Cults.

I happened to travel across a norther district of Kerala in a local bus, At a place called ‘Onjiyam’,at this place,a honest politician was slayed by blade.He questioned a party which uses the label of Marxism for decades under for  corrupt and mafia controlled moves(with due respect its glorious past) , he formed a rebel organization and  was murdered brutally by the party members.The nature of this organization to annihilate its political opponents by sword and to create martyrs itself also by sword is well known this days. This kind of Cult nature is rising all over India this days.

#5 Nexalism

There where revolts against the regime in France centuries before which Now days are called  ‘French Revolution’,  after centuries Irish people revolted against the British and Indians also revolted against British,any mass scale Rebellion by common man against a well established government is because of one reason,the governments fails to protect them from injustice, Nexalism and so called Maoism gains momentum in Indian states because of same reason,It is a symptom not the cause,The cause is Injustice from Governing bodies,like illegal acquisition of land  from tribes to protect and support private industry,Power projects,looting of natural resources etc. How can be a government said democratic without saving interests of the common man?

#6 Corruption

We all know corruption,How it works,what it does,etc etc…In Simple words,it breaks governance and dopes seeds of injustice in one way or another.India needs to fight against corruption, its affecting our economy,military and Social structures.The simplest way for nation to grow fast is to reduce corruption. Money spend on development projects should not resemble energy flow of food chains.Change must be done.

#7 The Reign of Political Idols.

This days Idols rule India rather than Common man,they loot our treasury,they question even judiciary .The Courts and State governments are engulfed by their dark charisma.They create illegal cross links with media,mafia,cults and corporates,they veto bills that protect interest of common man. They ban things that are against their wishes,This Idols are chocking us all slowly day by day, This are the images that should be rammed down,any politician, whatever his or her political background is,If such an Idol,he or she should be pulled down off the crowns.

 It seems the only true variable in the equation of democracy in India is Money.India is not growing,its collapsing day by day,while a Neighbor is growing,she will dare to challenge us  in near future.

We Are the change.  

Jai Hind.


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In the deepness of my mind,

There is thunder,firestorm and silence.

As I walk towards the unknown,

I am the  Knight and I am the Serpent,

Through this compelling duality through which I walk,

And the wizard will frantically dance to the end of this night,

As the reflections and reverberations of my past,

Are Emerged and incinerated in this wave of insight,

A fire of grit born in my struggle,

As I walk  tranquilly,

There is olive,roses and grape wine.

In both sides of my path,

Where there is butterflies,bees and sparrows.

I am blessed,

This night I am reborn.

(The fourth anniversary of Ink,thoughts,coffee…my deepest gratitude to all my readers.)

: )



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A distant shot of Palace of Mysore,Karnataka.